Psiphon Don’t Work For Netflix? Here’s What to Do

If you’ve ever tried to access your Netflix account while traveling, you’ll undoubtedly find out about the strict geo-restrictions of the streaming service. Content such as TV shows and movies is often subject to different licenses in various countries. The annoying side effect for consumers is that you are unable to access the Netflix service of another country from outside its borders. This can be particularly frustrating when your favorite shows were released earlier on another version of Netflix. Geoblocking may also cause problems for those traveling abroad who are unable to access their own Netflix account. The good news is that a secure VPN will help you circumvent the geo-restrictions of Netflix. A VPN will mask your IP address and redirect your traffic via an alternative server. This tricks Netflix into believing that you’re logging in from that country if you choose a server in the right country. The bad news is that not all VPNs are able to unblock Netflix. According to our tests and testing, Psiphon is one of these VPNs and does not function with Netflix.

Why can’t unblock Netflix from Psiphon?

Because it is completely free and has a great reputation for being incredibly easy to download and use, most people are tempted to use Psiphon. Psiphon is also built specifically for accessing geo-restricted content. The Psiphon website states that We are unique in helping you get to the content you want whenever and wherever you want it. So why can’t Netflix be unblocked by Psiphon? The problem is that Psiphon is targeted at users in what it calls certain countries that are limited by democracy. It is designed to enable people in authoritarian countries to access content that their government has blocked. Psiphon has not been developed with streaming in mind and average rates are stated to be very low. It also has no cloud network or res to overcome the geo-restrictions of Netflix. Psiphon has always been very frank about its limits. The home page notes that the VPN should not be viewed or used as an online security tool. It probably means that Psiphon also does not provide the level of encryption required to circumvent Netflix’s advanced VPN blocking software. If you want to connect geo-restricted websites, the VPN looks absolutely fine. Though, it doesn’t have the res streaming speeds or protection to work with Netflix.

NordVPN Unblocks Netflix

Thankfully a larger and more powerful VPN like NordVPN will give you just what you need. NordVPN is able to unblock Netflix due to several key features. This large network helps NordVPN to avoid detection because new servers are continually being added. If any of these servers are discovered and blacklisted by Netflix NordVPN, it can easily be replaced by a new server that has not been blocked. This means any traffic routed through them will be disguised. By detecting encrypted information, Netflix identifies VPN servers. But NordVPN uses this software to successfully avoid blacklisting. Ultimately, NordVPN’s groundbreaking SmartPlay system is specifically designed for streaming purposes. SmartPlay links you automatically to a network that has been designed to stream Netflix without the need for a setup.

Other advantages of NordVPN

Conclusion and Learning

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