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Updated on 24 September 2019

Only if you live in India will you access excellent on-demand programming from Voot. Within India, its contents – like shows such as Bigg Boss Badman or Splitsvilla – are geoblocked. You need to resolve these geo-restrictions to watch Voot in the United States. This is super easy to do with a solid VPN. Read on to find out how to use a VPN to access Voot in the US and around the world.

Quick Guide: How to Watch Voot from Anywhere

Follow these simple steps and you will watch Voot in minutes. We recommend NordVPN because it has a wide server network in India and offers consistently high streaming speeds. Upload your chosen VPN to your phones and install it. Use your VPN to connect to India’s network. Login or sign up to Voot and start streaming your favorite shows. Start watching Voot Now!

Why you need a VPN to view Voot

Voot outside India. If you attempt to access the streaming service using a US IP address, you will be blocked. If you use a VPN, your traffic will be encrypted and routed to a location of your choice via a secure server. You will be given an Indian IP address if you connect to a server in India and you will be able to watch Voot in the U.S. (or anywhere else). Just because a VPN has servers in India it does not automatically guarantee that you will be able to access Voot. Not all VPNs can efficiently bypass geoblocks making it necessary to choose a premium service. Some streaming sites have anti-VPN technology that will detect when you attempt to use a VPN to block the VPN to access content. Through using a VPN that runs obfuscated servers, you can circumvent this threat. This type of server masks the fact that a VPN encrypted your data. Voot and other streaming services are therefore unable to differentiate between all data and your VPN data.

That’s not all a VPN can do

You reap other advantages when using a VPN as well as being able to bypass geoblocks to gain unlimited access to global content. A premium VPN protects your internet activity secret and secure by encrypting your data and spoofing your IP address. It prevents the internet service provider (ISP) and advertisers from monitoring your online activity. Even on unsecured public wi-fi networks, your sensitive information is shielded from prying eyes and hackers. The most trustworthy VPNs have a zero-logging policy that ensures they do not retain any of your data. A reliable VPN with high-speed servers helps you to safely access unregulated content from around the globe without buffering or lagging.

5 Best VPNs to Watch Voot

Below are our picks for the best five VPNs to watch Voot in the US.1.


Our top choice of VPN for watching Voot in the US is NordVPN as its combination of speed and reliability is difficult to beat. With over 5600 high-speed servers worldwide including 20 + locations in India, you will have no problem connecting to Voot. Any problem you may have will be solved quickly by the excellent 24/7 live chat customer service. NordVPN takes your security very seriously and offers you a strict no-logs policy for military-grade encryption and two separate kill switches for good measure. The DoubleVPN protocol gives you an extra layer of encryption that makes Nord VPN a great choice for privacy-conscious. Save money with our NordVPN coupon code. NordVPN can unblock: Torrenting supports: NordVPN works on these devices: Look at Voot with NordVPN! 2.


Not only is ExpressVPN one of the most reliable and quickest on the market. The blistering speeds of its servers are perfect for streaming and with server locations in India watching Voot will be trouble-free. The apps are of a high standard and include support for all major VPN protocols split-tunneling stealth servers military-grade authentication a no-logs policy and kill switch security. Then if you use our code. ExpressVPN coupon you can unblock: Torrenting supports: ExpressVPN works on these devices: Watch Voot with ExpressVPN! 3.


CyberGhost has a vast global network of 5900 + servers spanning 90 countries including 20 locations in India for seamless Voot streaming. The sensitive information is protected through robust, leak-proof authentication systems with a zero-log policy and an automated kill switch across all phones. 4.


Even the biggest group of Voot fans can watch their favorite shows with Surfshark as it provides unlimited simultaneous connections. This unusual advantage of unlimited connections would be useless if Surfshark’s quality were bad but it is actually excellent. This relatively new VPN definitely makes a name for itself with its great features that include double encryption.


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Decent unblocking features robust unrestricted bandwidth protection and high speeds make IPVanish another great choice of VPN to stream Voot. With IPVanish you won’t have any problems with dropped connections or buffering and you can easily watch your favorite shows. And with IPVanish you can do this simultaneously on up to 10 phones. Although it maintains a zero-logging policy based in the US, in case of a DMCA complaint there will be no information to turn in. Good news if you value your privacy online. The seven-day refund period might be longer but it still gives you plenty of time to check out this fantastic all-around VPN.IPVanish will unblock: supports torrenting: IPVanish function on these devices: watch Voot with IPVanish!

Summary and Reading Further

If you want to watch Voot in the U.S. the easiest way is to use a premium VPN.A VPN to connect to a server in India that gives you the Indian IP address you need to circumvent Voot’s geoblocks and start streaming. Your privacy and sensitive information will be secured by comprehensive protection and data encryption. You can stream securely in the knowledge that your information is beyond the control of hackers and prying eyes even on unsecured public wi-fi networks. Our top VPN recommendation to watch Voot in the US is NordVPN thanks to its abundance of high-speed servers in India and the solid security it offers. Post it!


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