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Updated on September 12, 2019

From the latest Premier League games to in-depth NASCAR NFL NHL and golf coverage NBC Sports has everything at least for American audiences. NBC Sports uses geoblocks to ensure that only U.S. residents are able to view their content. You can switch your IP address to a U.S. city with a VPN but you will still not be able to watch live streams from NBC Sports. To do this, you need US cable TV or a subscription to a streaming service. It can be difficult to connect to US streaming services like NBC Sports such as Sling TV Blue and Hulu with Live TV without an American credit card. However, you can also use a VPN to access Sling TV. This allows you to watch NBC Sports from anywhere in the world even if you don’t have a US credit card.

Based on whether you already have a U.S. TV subscription, select one of the easy step-by-step guides below to start with NBC Sports.

If you already have a U.S. cable / streaming / satellite TV subscription, select a U.S. high-speed server VPN. For streaming NBC Sports, we suggest CyberGhost. The VPN software is downloaded and activated. To navigate American websites, pick a U.S. database. Go to the website of NBC Sports and click on the shown Watch or any live event. Select Verify and choose from the list shown to choose your provider. (Click the Full Provider List button for Hulu and Sling TV options.) Enjoy the game! Start to look at NOW!

Failure to subscribe to US cable / streaming / satellite TV:

Choose a high-speed server VPN in the US. For access NBC Sports, we suggest CyberGhost. The VPN software is downloaded and installed. To navigate American websites, pick a U.S. domain. If you have no American credit card, go to and buy a gift card from Sling TV. Visit Sling TV and/or sign up for the service to redeem your gift card. Go to the homepage of NBC Sports and press Watch or any seen live event. Select Verify and choose from the list shown to choose your provider. (You need to press Sling TV’s Full Provider List button.) Enjoy the game! Start to look at NOW!

Why You Need a VPN to Watch NBC Sports Live

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the easiest way to bypass geoblocks, but not all VPNs are sufficiently powerful to do so. Like many US providers, NBC Sports actively guards its content to ensure that it is only available to US customers. NBC Sports streaming platforms go as far as blocking IP addresses known to be used by VPNs, so choosing just any VPN is not sufficient. To be sure you can get through the geoblocks. High-speed US servers, you have to choose carefully to access American content. Further VPN servers and IP address choices across the U.S. make it easier to circumvent difficult geoblocks and remain undetected. A wider server network also ensures you’ll get better speeds and get around any area blackouts (yes NBC Sports blocks content even in the U.S.!) by moving to another location. And stable connections are of course important for live sports because of buffering you don’t want to be left behind the action! Often important factors are security and confidentiality when selecting a VPN. A successful provider will encrypt your personal data strongly and will not hold records of what you were up to online. Which means a top VPN is a perfect way to bypass government censorship and hold your information away from prying eyes. A clear and simple payment plan would cover you if you have any difficulties with the VPN or if you just want to check the service for a short time. Lastly, subscription plans providing simultaneous connectivity on multiple devices will allow you to watch anyway you want.

6 Best NBC Sports Live Watching VPNs



NordVPN is a well-respected company with one of the world’s largest VPN server sets. A great pick if you’re interested in improving online security NordVPN has a clear and checked no logs policy and uses some of today’s toughest encryption available. You’re sure to find a server that’s ideal for NBC Sports as you’ll choose from 1800 + servers in American cities including many streaming optimized. It’s as easy as choosing your choice on the handy map or allowing the app to recommend the best server for your needs. When you opt for a longer deal, NordVPN packages are cheaper and all subscriptions require six simultaneous network connections. We also give a 30-day money-back guarantee when you sign up. NordVPN will unblock: Torrenting supports: NordVPN is available on these devices: Start NordVPN streaming! 2.


ExpressVPN is one of the best for unblocking websites around the world. With the highest average connection speeds accessible from any VPN ExpressVPN, it is perfect to stop lagging or freezing when watching live matches. ExpressVPN membership enables five simultaneous connections and provides access to one of the industry’s most dedicated customer support teams. ExpressVPN can unblock: Supports torrenting: ExpressVPN works on these devices: Start Streaming with ExpressVPN! ExpressVPN works on these devices: Start Streaming with ExpressVPN! 2.


CyberGhost ranks highly with numerous US high-speed networks, many of which are specifically designed for streaming. The user interface is great for both beginners and experienced users as you can either choose from pre-configured profiles or customize the app to suit your needs. The CyberGhost refund policy is good for the first 45 days with a 7-day free iOS user test. Android users also get a free 1-day trial. CyberGhost will unblock: Torrenting supports: CyberGhost works on these devices: Start CyberGhost streaming! 4.


PrivateVPN has a smaller marketing budget than most other VPN providers, making their success even more impressive. While the PrivateVPN network doesn’t have the most US servers it can use to watch NBC sports with no issues along with additional content like BBC iPlayer. PrivateVPN is also perfect for sharing P2P and every plan enables users to connect up to six devices at the same time. Tariffs are lowest if you go for a longer deal, but even a one-month plan is very affordable. PrivateVPN will unblock: Torrenting supports: PrivateVPN works on these devices: Start Streaming with PrivateVPN! 5.

Hotspot Shield

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Hotspot Shield can also manage your streaming needs with a good mix of US servers available with the paid Hotspot Shield Elite plan. (The free version of this VPN is self-serviceable but lacks the speed and range of server locations you’ll need to stream live action on NBC Sports.) The Shield pledge is fulfilled with a combination of 128-bit and 256-bit authentication that masks all user data fully. Best of all Hotspot Shield provides a generous 45-day money-back guarantee. Hotspot Shield will unblock: Hotspot Shield allows torrenting: Start Streaming with Hotspot Shield works on these phones!


With one of the most extensive sports packages available in the US NBC Sports, it’s great to keep up with all your favorite leagues ‘ games and excitement in HD quality. And now that you know how to watch NBC Sports Live all that action will be yours every day from anywhere in the world. The best VPNs open up whole new worlds of content for you to explore everything while expert guides allow you to choose the right VPN for you. Try CyberGhost Risk-Free Now

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