10 Cheap FREE Mac VPNs in Which one is right for you?

Updated November 27, 2019 Need a free VPN for your Mac
If you’re looking for a free VPN for your MacBookFree VPNs, it can be a great solution. Those who do work usually have extreme limits on speed and information. But that might be the least of your difficulties. Some free VPNs take advantage of you by selling your data to third parties for profit and harm your security. The good news is that most top-rated VPNs offer a free trial period. If you are still using a free VPN on your MacBook

Best Free VPN for Mac – Quick Guide

NordVPN – My top recommendation includes top-notch security featuresWindscribe – 10 GB of free data per month with premium security features and high-speed connectionshide.me – 2 GB of free data per monthHotspot Shield – Industry-leading encryption and built-in malware protectionProtonVPN – Unlimimi –

A reliable free VPN can be the perfect solution for short or occasional use. But when it comes to using a free service, there are several pitfalls you should be aware of.


Some free VPNs use shady tactics to profit from you. Using advanced security features


Most free VPNs restrict your access and bandwidth, they can compromise your protection by planting trackers on your MacPremium VPNs. Once you have surpassed the data allowance, they often do not change their IP addresses so that they can circumvent geoblocks and filters on a regular basis. They offer unlimited storage and bandwidth. Compatibility

The macOS apps are supported by very few free VPNs. I find that most of the free macOS VPN applications on the App Store are outdatedPremium VPNs optimized for use on all your devices


SoRemember1’s Best Free VPNs. NordVPN’
‘ NordVPN is a premium network with an outstanding macOS appYou will connect to more than 5November 2019 Update: NordVPN cut its rates until 2nd December! Get this greatNordVPN Black Friday deal today and enjoy 70% off and 3 months free PLUS access to NordLocker with its 3-year contract! Full 83 percent savings! Remember
It’s lightning-fastIt can quickly circumvent geo-restrictions and VPN blocks to access Netflix USNordVPN protects your MacBook with secure 256-bit AES encryptionWith its built-in CyberSec app you can block ads and trackers. It automatically blocks any sites or pop-ups suspicious of malware infecting your device. CyberSec even blocks advertisements on streaming sites such as CWTV and YouTube so you can watch without interruptions. Because it allows up to six simultaneous network connectionsIf you have any trouble using the NordVPN software on your MacRead more about why NordVPN is my top recommendation for your MacBook in our review. Get Started with NordVPN! 2. Windscribe’
‘ Windscribe has a safe and straightforward macOS app with 10 GB a month of free data. This is enough data to stream a couple of movies. Using your UK computer to unblock BBC iPlayerIt supports P2P connectionsWindscribe protects your Mac with 256-bit encryptionIts built-in ad blockerWindscribe applications are easy to install and use. Downloading and installing the macOS app took me less than five minutes. It offers unlimited simultaneous connections so that all of your devices can be protected at once. Free and premium users can access its 24/7 live chat. If the chatbotSee why our comprehensive quality review. Get Windscribe for Free took second place on my list! 3. Hide.me’
‘ hide.me provides 2 GB of free monthly data and connections to USB servers because you don’t have to register to use the free planhide.me macOS app to instantly reconnect to the VPN server if your link falls. During my testsI was able to unblock Netflix in CanadaOne of the highlights of hide.me is its split tunneling. You can route some of your traffic through your VPNIt provides excellent security features. Sometimes there is no adsCheck our hide.me test results. Get free hide.me! 4. Hotspot Shield’
‘s easy-to-use Hotspot Shield was unable to use Hotspot Shield to unblock Netflix USI with minimal lag. But the free version provides the same protection at the same high level as the paid subscription. There is authentication of military grade and an integrated kill switch. This means that the server fails A built-in malware defense blocks malicious websites to protect you from possible malware infections and ad-supported phishing scams. Hotspot Shield. The privacy policy notes that to help create targeted ads, it shares your approximate location and device identifiers with Google. You can only attach one computer to the free planSee how Hotspot Shield handled our extensive testing by checking out our review. Get Hotspot Shield for Free! 5.


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ProtonVPN offers unlimited free bandwidth and dataHowever you will link to servers in three countries – USProtonVPN does not enable simultaneous connectionsThe security features of ProtonVPN are excellent prepared for slow connection speeds. To keep your data safe, it uses 256-bit AES encryption and IKEv2/IPSec or L2TP / IPSec option. There is a strict no-logs policyProtonVPN also includes an integrated ad blocker with its macOS appIf you have any concerns or need additional supportRead more about the features of ProtonVPN in our review. Get ProtonVPN for Free! 6.


Due to its easy-to-use design, TunnelBear’s macOS software is ideal for beginners. It provides quick database speeds in 23 countries. Sadly, TunnelBear uses 256-bit authentication to keep your Mac secure. Its no-logs policy means your information and surfing behavior are completely anonymous and never registered. You can use its GhostBear mode to circumvent censorship and DPI. This makes the data look like regular traffic to firewalls and government supervisory agencies. You can even use it to circumvent China’s Great Firewall. With our review. Get TunnelBear for Free, you can learn more about TunnelBear by reading our review. Get TunnelBear for Free! 7. The browser extension for Opera is

Opera VPN

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OperaVPN. It offers unlimited free data and servers in three locationsBecause it’s just a browser extensionYou can choose from servers in EuropeWhen I tried to access Netflix US and CanadaI couldn’t reach BBC iPlayer or ITV Hub when linked to the European network. I didn’t have any luck with Hulu either. The VPN is compatible with all other Opera extensionsThere is a FAQ page on the Opera VPN websiteRead more about why Opera VPN is one of my top recommendations in our review. Get Opera VPN for Free! 8.


Speedify provides 2 GB of free data each month. It uses channel bonding to increase the speed of your link and increasing your latency. This approach blends two or more links to the Internet UnfortunatelySpeedify provides ChaCha encryptionIts website notes that it has no-logs. Further investigation into the privacy policy of Speedify reveals that incomplete logs are kept. Speed up details about your approximate locationWould you like to learn more about Speedify? Test our Free Speed Review. Get! 9.


Betternet provides free data of 500 MB per day. You browse the speeds of Betternet for about four hours during my tests are surprisingly accurate. With so many applications linked to a single server, Netflix US or Hulu is not unblocked. As I tried to access some streaming sites, I met a premium payment barrier. The 256-bit encryption keeps the internet traffic safe. It shares the data it holds to third parties so it can tailor the advertising for you. It should be remembered that the headquarters of Betternet is within the jurisdiction of the 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance. But Betternet was put to the test and every feature it offers was carefully examined. Read the results for free in our review. Get Betternet! 10.


VPNBook provides unlimited free dataUnlike other free VPNsInstalling VPNBook is a little more difficult than with other vendors throughout my trials. To ensure your security while streaming and browsing, you need to download the OpenVPN app from the App StoreThankfullyIt offers military-grade encryption. Digging into its privacy policy revealed that it stores partial logsLearn more about the features of VPNBook in our review. Get Betternet Free!


What are the threats of my Mac using a VPN?

Free VPNs leave you vulnerable to risks of all kinds. Limited security features mean that you can not be sure that your connection is secure and private. Many free services use lower encryptionSometimesPremium VPNs use advanced security features to keep you anonymous and safe.

In fact, a premium VPN will increase the speed of your connection. ISPs also throttle your bandwidth, though

how do I know how much data I need?

If you just want a VPN for quickHowever, when using premium VPN, you don’t have to think about data caps because they offer unlimited data.


A VPN is the best way to protect your MacBook when surfing it’s important to remember that you can’t trust most free VPNs. Some don’t work The free VPNs on my list are safe and trustworthy to useIf you’re looking for an unlimited short-term solutionMy budget-savvy colleagues have compiled a list of the best VPN deals and coupons to save money. Check out the latest offers. New to VPNs and don’t know where to start? In our detailed VPN guide, you can read everything you need to learn. Was this helpful? Share it!

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