6 Cheap (TESTED) NoLog VPNs Stay Private Anonymous in

Updated on December 3, 2019
A VPN that logs the data is simply not safe to use. ReliableOur VPN experts take your security seriously when your VPN records what you are doing online. The top providers have been investigated and tested to find the best available no-log VPN. You can find their in-depth reviews and recommendations below.

Best No-Log VPNs

NordVPN is headquartered in Panama and has an ironclad no-logs policy ExpressVPN holds zero logs and offers high speeds CyberGhost backs its no-logs policy with transparency reports Surfshark keeps no logs while providing an unlimited number of link devices ProtonVPN and its parent company is renowned for its no-logs policy with transparency reports.

If you are connected to your VPN, your VPN provider is compromisedIf your VPN holds logsTo simply put it

The Best No-Log VPNs


Northern VPN

Best overall VPN – simply the best is

NordVPN is open about its Panama-based logging policy
It doesn’t record your browsing activity, but NordVPN isn’t just perfect for safety. With5NordVPN it is possible to unblock: Torrenting supports: NordVPN works on these devices: View NordVPN Deals 2.


The speed search? Then this is your British Virgin Islands VPN

Based It maintains a strict no-logs policy
One of the best all-round VPNs available in shortExpressVPN. From hiding your location to unblocking NetflixExpressVPN, it is possible to unblock: Torrenting supports: ExpressVPN works on these devices: View ExpressVPN Deals 3.


Are you looking for the value of your money? Then this is VPN for you

Romanian-based CyberGhost is a perfect VPN for beginners as it is straightforwardAccording to its privacy policy
Like NordVPNNNovember Update: from November 27th to December 5th, CyberGhost has lowered their rates to just $2.75 a month. Try them with their money-back guarantee for 45 days now. What do you expect? Get this great CyberGhost deal from Black Friday before it’s too late!
CyberGhost owns and operates its own on-site no-spy servers. It ensures that they are free from any third party interference and the potential risks associated with it. CyberGhost will unblock: Supports torrenting: CyberGhost operates on these devices: View CyberGhost Deals 4.


An unlimited number of links to search for? Then this is your complete log-free VPN
Surfshark. Your email address is the only data they store, and passwordLike ExpressVPNSurfshark gathers information about the quality of their app
Surshark’s privateSurfshark will unblock: Supports torrenting: Surfshark operates on these devices: Surfshark Deals5.


Recognition? Protection? Nobody does it better than the Swiss

ProtonVPN is as close as it gets to being log-free. Your login timestamp
is the only data it holds Its headquarters in Switzerland provide it with a unique protection. Switzerland is outside both US and EU legislationAlthough Switzerland requires major telecommunications operations to store connection metadata for one yearProtonVPN is a formidable candidate if privacy is your top priorityWith unlimited bandwidth onservers across the globeTo help you decide if it’s okay for youView ProtonVPN Deals

VPNs That Keep Logs

The above-mentioned VPN services are proactive.


Everyone enjoys getting a good deal. Using our best deals and discounts, you can save money on your no-log VPN.For the ultimate online security solutionIf you’re new to VPNsWas that helpful? Swap it with you!

Need a Netflix Unlimited VPN? Do

Updated this December 2019 on 5 November 2019
Netflix limits the content that you see based on the location. If you want a free VPN for Netflix

Can I use a Free VPN for Netflix, however?

Free VPNs allow you to access most of the web content. Nevertheless, Netflix uses anti-VPN technology to comply with intellectual property and copyright laws. Some films and shows have Netflix licensing agreements that can only be enforced in some countries. Certain studios and distributors may not want users to view their content in a country where the anti-VPN technology of Netflix is not yet available: the program detects a list of known VPN IP addresses through a server. When you connect to the haveservers of NetflixPremium VPNs available worldwide. Due to the global nature of their service, these VPNs allow you to reliably access Netflix. If you are using a premium VPN service and have trouble accessing Netflix

Are Free VPNs Secure, does Netflix still update its list of VPN IPs?

Free VPNs have a few downsides. For startersYou can read all about the advantages and disadvantages of free VPNs here.

Free Netflix VPN Hack

For the fastest access to NetflixThere are a number of great VPNs providing speed and anonymityNetflix has become extremely efficient in finding IP addresses from free VPN servers and preventing their links to the network. The last thing you want is to go through the hassle of installing a VPN just to discover out you can’t access Netflix. If you want to use a VPNI to access Netflix free of charge if you choose not to keep your NordVPN subscription.

NordVPN Netflix Watch?

Free VPNs can allow you to browse the web without any problemsApart from being one of the top VPNs to access NetflixHere’s what you can expect from NordVPN when you subscribe to the service: Nord provides a 30-day money-back guarantee that you can trial the service to make sure it works for you. See what users of Nord VPN have to say about the product. NordVPN will unblock: Torrenting supports: NordVPN works on these devices: Watch NordVPN with Netflix!


NordVPN is our current Netflix streaming VPN recommendation. It is fastWhen you choose a good VPNNordVPN is a great choice for viewing Netflix and you want to browse the web with peace of mind for security and privacy.

Further Reading

Do you want to find some premium VPNs that fit your budget? We’ve created a list of the top VPN deals on the web. Save on your NordVPN subscription. Do you need to figure out why you first need a VPN? Check out our newbies VPN guide to introduce you to the technology. Share it with you!

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Guy Fawkes

Anonymous cybersecurity expertsAnonymous experts who write for vpnMentor but keep their identity secret.

Nord offers 70% off its VPN for a limited period of time! Tap here to take advantage of this incredible deal

How to Repair Overwatch Lag Spikes Packet Loss

What is Overwatch’s greatest danger? Hint: this isn’t a massive game for the other players. Overwatch. The games Overwatch’s main risks are regular delay spikes and losses of packets. Each player who is overwatching knows what that means. The game randomly slows down or your commands are not picked up fast enough. And then you are wiped out. Lag spikes and the lack of packets are going to ruin Overwatch. To stop them

Quick Guide – How to Repair Lag

Continue NordVPN gaming!

How a VPN will help you repair the Lag Packet Loss

The use of a VPN has many advantages. In this postMassive Multiplayer Online Games (also known as MMOs) like Overwatch areThis information moves through limited internet networksYou perceive this as delay and latency in gameplay: you fire your controller but nothing happens until an unbearable amount of time has passed. Besides the drawbacks of shared home networks

Overwatch and ISP throttling

An ISP has a set total bandwidth and data processing power which it spreads among all its customers. Imagine millions of players logging in every dayIn responseWith a VPNA VPN will bypass your ISP and mask your operation online. With 1Start Gaming with NordVPN, you can connect to speed-optimized servers near your home networkSecondlyVPNs provide manyYou need a strong VPN! The Only VPN to Repair Lag Loss Packet

NordVPN is the world’s 1 VPN. It’s also the most popular among our readers. Where in the world you play Overwatch doesn’t matter. Use military encryption to shield your information in a secure tunnelAt the same time you can try to unblock NordVPN: Supports torrenting: NordVPN works on these devices: Start NordVPN gaming!

Other Ways to Fix Lag Loss Packet

NordVPNis the easiest way to start NordVPN gaming!


Because your connection has stalled, the last thing you want in the climax of an epic overwatch battle is to get wiped out by a total noob. It’s frustratingAll you have to think about is picking the best hero to defeat the other teams. Start Gaming with NordVPN!


When you use a VPN, any online game is faster and safer. When choosing a VPN for gaming, it is important to help you select Speed. Make sure you’re using only one of the 5 fastest VPNs. Find out these awesome VPN coupon codes and deals for great discounts. Was it helpful? Post it!

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Ariel Hochstadt

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Was this article useful? 00This is a shame! (Minimum 10 characters.) Nord offers 70% off its VPN for a limited period of time! Click here to take advantage of

How to Remove Your Telegram Account Permanently

If you are one of the millions of people using the private messaging app TelegramPrivacy issues were raised shortly after its launch in 2013. The application’s default setting does not encrypt communications between you and the receiver. If you do not allow the Secret Chat featureTelegram claims that your stored chat data is encrypted on their servers and that if you want to restore old chats, they retain the details. HoweverThis homegrown protocol with high-level encryption has actually contributed to the rather shady reputation of Telegram. Terrorists have infamously used it to plan attacks and propagandaAs a consequence If you are concerned about odd authentication protocols and policies

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Disable Your Telegram Account

There are a few different ways your Telegram account can be deleted. You will know in advance that it can not be reversed once you have deleted your account. Your chats

Deleting by Adjusting Self-Destruction Settings

Self-destruction is one of the security features of Telegram Sign in to your device’s Telegram account and select.
from Settings.
Click on.
Scroll down to Delete My Account and switch to 1 month.
If you do not use TelegramAdjusting the self-destruct settings helps you to change your mind within the inactivity period. Just use the chat app and reset the time of self-destruction. If you don’t want to wait and you want to uninstall your Telegram account immediately

Manually deleting Telegram

There is no choice in the Telegram AppVisit the Telegram Deactivation Page and enter your account phone number in the appropriate international format.
You will be asked to add a verification codeOn the next pageA pop up asks you for sure? ‘ If you change your mind

Exporting Telegram Data

Before deleting Telegram, you can delete the app from your phone. Open the desktop of the telegram and select the configuration. Select [ Telegram Data Export ]. Then select

Other ways to keep your data private

Telegram is no stranger to controversyThere are a number of steps you can take to improve your online security, including using a high-quality VPN when browsing the web

For more information about VPNs and how to select the best one for you. Share it!

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Cybersecurity ResearcherGemma is a writer and researcher in cybersecurity. She believes in digital privacy and creating an Internet that is freer and more open.

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How to Delete Your Instagram Account Permanently

1.317.jpg />
InstagramIn late 2018IronicAfter the password leak emergedFor exampleThis information is used to show you ads relevant to where you spend a lot of your time. In addition, their DM service was modified at the beginning of 2018. If you want to share a little less online

Deleting vs Deleting: What You Need to Know

You can both deactivate and permanently delete your Instagram accountDeactivating your account is temporaryDeleting Your Instagram account can not be undone– a deleted account has been deleted. You can’t deactivate Instagram via the app when you delete your Instagram account

Deactivating an Instagram account

On the Instagram website, you’re going to be asked why you disable your account? ‘ Re-enter your password and select your account temporarily disabled. ‘ Your password is now disabled and hidden from other users until you sign in again. NOTE: As per the Instagram Use Policy

Download Your Instagram Data

Upon deletion of your Instagram account, go to your Instagram profile and select ‘ Settings. ‘ Click on the tab Download Privacy Protection and click on Download Request. Enter the email address where you would like to receive a link to your Instagram dataWithin 48 hours you will receive an email with a link to your data

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Remove Your Instagram Account

Like deactivatingLogin to your Instagram account on the.
site. Pick your justification to leave.
from the drop-down menu and click

Other Ways to Keep Your Information Private

Your Instagram account is now deleted.
Many of us use a cloud storage service to back up and/or store our important data. You can overcome this problem by manually encrypting your files yourself before uploading them to the cloud if you use one of these storage services. There are therefore a number of free encryption programs out there that are easy to use Choose encryption software that is compatible with your computer and mobile operating systems

Conclusion and Further Reading

These daysIf you’re interested in learning more ways to protect your privacy onlineWas this helpful? Post it!

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Cybersecurity ResearcherGemma is an author and researcher of cybersecurity. She believes in digital privacy and promotes a more free and open internet.

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Top Free Gaming VPNs

Updated November 22, 2019 Free VPNs are not always the best gaming companions. They can make gameplay unbearably slow and, instead of protecting it, end up compromising your security. There are some good options available
A free VPN gaming may seem like a good solution for protecting yourself against DDoS attacks or swatting. However, the security offered by premium services is not provided by Many. So if you’re looking to protect your IP addressWhen you add bandwidth limitsFor game VPNsIf you want to go ahead with a free game VPNI went on a search totaling over 49 free VPNs for security

Best Free VPNs for Gaming – Fast Guide

NordVPN: use my best VPN for gaming at no cost for a month with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Dedicated Windscribe gaming servers: a router-compatible wireless VPN with 10 GB of free data per month. Split tunneling and access to 10 server locations that are P2P-friendly. PrivateVPN: Get free unlimited use of this premium VPN for a week with a money-back guarantee of seven days. FastHotspot Shield: A free Windows gaming VPN – no need to sign up. Fast speeds and free data of 500 MB per day. ProtonVPN: Use this unlimited free service without limits. Premium protection and compatibility with routers even for free users.

Why would you connect to a public gaming network using a VPN for Gaming

A malicious gamer can use your IP address to initiate DDoS or DoS attacks. This can take your home network down and prevent you from playing. Hackers can even locate your real location to cause a swatting attack. Swatting means sending armed SWAT police to another gamer’s house with a risk of hoaxing. It can be dangerousand in the past has led to deaths. A VPN can protect you by redirecting your traffic to a different location through a server. Ithides your IP address from the public view. VPNs can also decrease ping and latency and increase speed. If you live far from a game serverGeo-spoofingyour IP address has the additional advantage of providing you with access to international game servers. A VPN helps you to access geo-restricted content and play with friends around the world. That’s why every VPN for gaming should have an extensive network of servers in the right placesIf you play on a consoleWhich is where we get to the issue with free VPNs.

What’s the Free VPN Catch? The resulting limitations will affect your safety and gaming experience.


Most gaming consoles do not include VPN support. Instead Unfortunately


Free VPNs are still operating for PC or mobile gaming without router compatibility. That’s why you’ll find some on my page. You can also download a free VPN to your computer and share your console link. And


Free VPNs never offer the same level of security that you get from a premium service. A free VPN with insufficient security can not guarantee your confidentiality and safety from DDoS attacks. Many free VPNs have even been found to log and sell your data to third parties. This can prevent you from connecting to the correct game server. It also means that frequently available servers get congestedTo prevent crashingGaming servers from using up to 300 MB of data per hour

The Best Free VPNs for Gaming Updated December 2019

A Free VPN may not be the best gaming choice1.


1.055.jpg />
NordVPN now tops our list of the best gaming VPNs. A30-day money-back ensures that free users will enjoy it for a whole monthYou may find it useful if you are looking to play abroad or need to shield yourself from a temporary risk. You can enjoy unrestricted access to all premium features of NordVPN during this period. 5The large global network of NordVPN guarantees high speeds. During my trials, I didn’t experience any extra delay or latency. The service will protect you withworld. AES 256-bit encryptionCyberSec technologyblocks malware and annoying pop-up ads. NordVPN even provides a special shady server that can hide your Internet service provider’s use of VPN. Practical if your ISP is prone to throttling your link while you are playing game. However, please read our full review to find out why NordVPN is our highest-rated service for both gaming and general use. 2.


Windscribe provides you with 10 GB of free monthly information. That’s enough for just over 33 hours of gaming on one of the more data-heavy games like Destiny 2.You get even more time on lighter games like Fortnite or Call of Duty; just over 10 days worth of gaming. You can add 5 GB of data to your account by tweeting the company. Windscribe’s network covers 60 countries. The service also offers free P2P-friendly servers and split-tunneling for users. I loved using split tunneling to secure my gaming link while being able to browse elsewhere normally. Speeds on free Windscribe servers can be sluggish during peak times. You may be restricted when you can play without irritating delay. By upgrading to a premium account with a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can get unlimited access to Windscribe. In our comprehensive review. Get Windscribe for Free, find out if we think it’s worth it! 3.


PrivateVPN is one of my top-rated VPNs. With a 7-day free trial, you can check it out free. You will need to register for the free trialThroughout your trial you can have unrestricted access to all the premium features of PrivateVPN. This means no limitations on speedIndeedIt also means that you will have access to all the VPN’s150 + server locations in 60 countries. PrivateVPN is renowned for its security measures. You are protected from DDoS and DoS attacks by military encryptionThe service is also router-compatibleIf you enjoy using PrivateVPN during your trialFind out why PrivateVPN is one of my top five VPNs in our detailed description. 4.

Hotspot Shield

In addition to its paid versionHotspot Shield, you are entitled to 500 MB per annum. That gives you at least an hour and a half of gaming per day. The groundbreaking Catapult Hydra protocol by Hotspot Shield guarantees speed and security. I noticed my connection to Hotspot Shield was fast enough for gaming without lag. Additional security features include256-bit AES encryptionandbuilt-in malware blocking technology. Hotspot Shield’s network covers 70 + countries but these are reserved to paid users. You can only connect to the default US server if you want to use the VPN for free. With your controller for players, you won’t be able to use it. In the meantime Read more about our Free Hotspot Shield review. Get Hotspot Shield! 5.


1.058.png />
ProtonVPN’s no-cost system is one of the few free VPN service providers. You can get unlimited data and unlimited bandwidth so long as you use the service. Which means you can play whenever you like The service is particularly impressive for a free service is consistent with the security measures of routersProtonVPN. As a free userFind out how ProtonVPN stacks up to other freemium providers in our full review. Get ProtonVPN for Free! Service has a worldwide network spanning 36 countriesSadlyIf you want full access to all ProtonVPN network. 6.


hide.me is a free service offering 2 GB of free monthly information. To free users, this is at least seven hours of safe gaming. Speeds and safety measures. The 256-bit AES authentication defends you from malicious gamers and an automatic kill switch. Server access is also completely router-compatible with limitedhide.me. The website also has a number of handy guides to set up the VPN on your router. In our thorough hide.me review. Get hide.me for Free, find out more about the service including whether it is worth making the most of the 30-day money-back guarantee! 7.


TunnelBear provides free data of 500 MB per 30 days. That’s about an hour and a half of gaming a month. Though, I tell PC gamer because TunnelBear is not compatible with the router. It can be updated to enjoy unlimited data with TunnelBearIt’s a stable free gaming VPN, but other premium services could be better if you’re going to pay. Read our full review of TunnelBear to find out why. Get Free TunnelBear! 9.


Betternet provides a free version of its premium service with 500 MB of free daily information. That’s about one and a half hours of gaming a day. With a free subscription, you’ll enjoy all the premium security features of Betternet. These include military authentication and the Hotspot Shield’s Catapult Hydra protocol to improve speeds. Sadly, please read our Betternet analysis to find out more. Get Betternet for Free! 9.

By using channel bonding software to improve speeds, Speedify

Speedify varies from other VPNs. The fast and reliable connections are perfect for lag-free gaming. Sadly, with 128 GCM encryption, Speedify protects your data. This is not in line with military standards. Alsonot is compatible with routers, howeverSpeedify. However, in our in-depth Speedify review. Get Speedify for Free learn more about channel bonding! 10.


OperaVPN is a free browser extension. However, it is also recommended because it does not limit users when it comes to speedsYou can not choose to link to OperaVPN servers in specific countries. Find out more in our Free OperaVPN review. Get Opera VPN!


Is it legal to use VPNs?

VPNs ‘ legality varies across countries. Some countries try to restrict or ban the use of VPN due to its association with criminal activity. In most countries you can find a complete list of countries that ban VPNs in our VPNs and law guide.

VPNs function by using one of their own private servers to rerout the traffic. It adds another move to a network or website in your link. Is there always a chance of lower speeds. Unfortunately

Do these Free VPN providers hold log files?

If you are concerned about logging


VPNs can provide excellent protection against DDoS and DoS attacks, one concern when using a free VPN is the logging and selling of your data. Nonetheless, finding a free VPN that offers you everything you need for gaming is very difficult. Most will let you down with sluggish speedsIf you can handle one or more of these limitationsBut when premium services like NordVPN can offer you a smooth gaming experience at a low price

Related Reading

Learn more about the hidden dangers of free VPNs in our comprehensive guide. We have recommendations for selecting the best VPN for Division 2Was that helpful? Swap it with you!

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contract. Blog

How to download a VPN on Amazon Fire TV Stick

Update on 22 November 2019
As fast as you can plug it inFor those of us residing outside the US and for Americans traveling abroad.
Here’s what happens when you try to watch NBC outside the US without a VPN.Unlike most streaming devicesBest of all

Choosing the Best VPN for the Amazon Fire TV Stick

There are several VPNs that have a native app for the Amazon Fire TV StickWhen selecting your VPNT there are additional features you can check for when choosing the best VPN for your Fire Stick. These include: Finally

Installing a VPN on your Fire TV Stick’s Best VPNs

The easiest way to install a VPN on your Amazon Fire TV Stick is to select a VPN that offers an application on the Fire TV App Store. The top three VPNs we tested for the Fire TV Stick are: CyberGhost Great for accessing blocked US and UK video contentNordVPN NordVPN is one of the best VPNs on the Fire TV Stick for general purposes. You can also manually download a VPN on the Fire TV Stick

Install the Native Fire Stick App of a VPN Provider

How to install

CyberGhost on Your Amazon Fire TV Stick

Select the CyberGhost app from the list from the home screen of your Fire TV Stick. Tap key Get. This will download the app to your Fire TV Stick and install it. Follow the prompts to complete the installation process once the installation is complete and enter your login details. That’s it

Using Amazon Fire TV Stick with a VPN and Kodi

If you have a KodiKodi preloaded Fire TV Stick, it’s a powerful open-toolHowever

How to get the most out of your Fire Stick

With a VPNT, there are several solutions here. If you have family or friends in the USIf cable TV login credentials are not a choice to connect to Hulu Live or Sling TV

Top 3 VPNs for Amazon Fire TV Stick

Now you know how to mount the VPN on your Fire TV Stick Notice the duration of each VPN1 guarantee.


1.298.png />
CyberGhost is a top-rated VPN for the Fire TV Stick. It works over 6We are able to unblock NetflixThe software can be easily unblocked by CyberGhost: Supports torrenting: CyberGhost works on these devices: Watch with CyberGhost Now! 2.


NordVPN has the largest range of servers in the industryWhen we connect to dedicated NordVPN servers for accessing services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix
With the newest generationNavigating VPN controls can be more of a challenge for the first version Fire SticksNordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Torrenting supports: NordVPN is running on these devices: Watch NordVPN now! 3.


1.022.jpg />
ExpressVPN is widely considered to be the best VPN to bypass geoblocked streaming sites. While we tried to connect to NBC with ExpressVPN
This happened several timesExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. ExpressVPN can unblock: Torrenting supports: ExpressVPN works on these devices: Watch with ExpressVPN Now!


Whether you want to use your Fire Stick outside the United States or the United Kingdom or simply use it without worrying about unwanted third parties logging your data Just make sure you choose a high-speed service We recommend NordVPN for the Amazon Fire TV Stick because of its easy installation and feature range. To learn more about all of today’s top VPNsStart Watching’s amazing capabilities with CyberGhost NOW!

Read more

Would you like to save your hard-earned cash? Our budget-savvy experts have compiled a list of the best available VPN offers at the moment. Read how to hack your Fire TV Stick with Kodi. It’s quick! Was it helpful? Share it!

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Ariel Hochstadt

Ex-GoogleAriel Hochstadt

Was this article useful? 00This is a shame! (Minimum 10 characters.) Nord offers 70% off its VPN for a limited period of time! Click here to use the

Blog deal

How to unlock the full potential of your Amazon Fire Stick in

Itch? We have great news for you – with our quick guideBut there’s even more exciting news – we’ll also show you how using the right VPN will enable you to bypass censorship and geoblocking safely and anonymously to unlock exclusive content from streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Better yetHere’s everything you need to know to jail your Amazon Fire Stick!

What are the jailbreakers?

DeviceSideloading is a simpler way to jail your device when you jail. Rather than reconfiguring parts of your operating system

Waiting is safe and legal sideloading?

Indeed! It is both legal and safe for both sideloading and jailbreaking. However, you will be totally anonymous online with a VPN Here at vpnMentor

Why you need a VPN to stream with Fire Stick

Safeguard your personal information: UnfortunatelyA VPN encrypts all data passing through your connectionBypass geoblocking: streaming servicesA VPN masks your IP location to make it look like you’re accessing the internet from another countryThis is really useful for travelers and expatsEviting legal consequences: VPNs mastering your IP position


There are two factors that make NordVPN one of our top Fire Stick picks: its extremely user-friendly Fire Stick appNordVPN operates a huge network of over 5And when it comes to security The app comes with the revolutionary NordVPN CyberSec ad and pre-installed malware blocker. Not only will it beat ads when watching NordVPN on your Amazon Fire Stick with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Get NordVPN NOW! 2.


1.297.png />
You’ll love ExpressVPN for Amazon Fire Stick – the best VPN on the market. The lightweight Fire Stick app provides great security when zooming through geoblocks and VPN barriers. Apart from unlimited games and entertainment, you can now run more than 2Get ExpressVPN! 3.


1.298.png />
With unlimited bandwidth and flash speedsYour browsing activity will always be a secret with its strict no-logs policy and 256-bit authentication – and we said that with more than 3Best of allGet CyberGhost NOW!

How to Jailbreak Amazon Fire Stick

There’s a lot of different ways to sideload software to your Amazon Fire StickBut before you try any of these, go to the Fire Stick’s site. Select

Sideload Apps Using Your Android Phone or Tablet:

If you already own an Android deviceOn your Fire StickGo back to the Fire Stick page and click developer options ‘ and enable ADV debugging. Select

Sideload Apps Using Your Android Phone or Tablet. Make sure that your mobile or tablet is linked to the same wi-fi network as your Fire Stick and open your phone or tablet with Apps2Fire. Enter the IP address of your Fire Stick in the dialog box in Apps2FireEnter and click save. Click the menu button and pick

Sideload Apps Directly on Your Amazon Fire Stick:

This approach is a bit more complicated because you need to find a direct connection to the APK of the software you want to download first. LuckilyClick check in the main menu of your Fire StickOpen ES ExplorerSelect + new applications Type an app title and press ‘ download now.’

Download Straight from your desktop Using adbLINK:

Apps can also be downloaded directly from your computer on your Amazon Fire Stick using a free program called adbLink. On your Fire StickOn your PCThenIn adbLinkadbLink you can automatically install the app on your Fire Stick. Here are some of our favorites: YouTube: YouTube used to be available on Fire StickKodi: Kodi is a freeTerrarium TV: Terrarium TV provides a variety of HD TV shows and movies to stream straight to your Amazon Fire Stick TV.


You can unlock the limitless potential of your Amazon Fire Stick by sideloading Android apps onto it. Tell it!

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Guy Fawkes

Anonymous cybersecurity expertsAnonymous experts who write for vpnMentor but keep their identity secret.

Nord offers 70% off its VPN for a limited period of time! Tap here to use the
vpnMentor Special deal! There are already live deals on Cyber Monday 00Days 00Hours 00Minutes 00 Seconds See Deals for iPads iPhones (iOS) in 2019

Updated on November 26, 2019 Need a VPN for your iPhone or iPad
Looking for an iPhone or iPad VPN? Whether it’s for an extra layer of online defense or to circumvent geoblocks and enjoy the well-deserved Netflix or BBC marathonWhile Apple devices are considered less vulnerable to malware and viruses than their competitorsThere are providers that offer at least some premium benefits for freeA free VPN can be ideal for temporary use or sometimes browsingStripped-back security features can leave behind. AndI always recommend using a paid providerThe best free VPNs for iPhones and iPads (Updated 2019)

NordVPN: Paid VPN with a money-back guarantee have been reviewed rigorously by each of the VPNs on this list. Ideal for short-term use when traveling and having a VPN. Windscribe: Perfect for downloading and surfing, but Netflix can not be bypassed. Hotspot Shield: A fast and secure service for streaming if you don’t need a VPN. ProtonVPN: An unlimited data fast and secure VPN. Sadly, I am sorry. Hide.me: A secure choice if you don’t need another 5 very free VPNs for torrenting. Plus!

What’s the Free VPN catch?

A free VPN for instance


A free VPN doesn’t always keep you as protected as you can be online. Some of them do not maintain strict policies on no-logs. It ensures that they can provide access to your personal data on request to your internet service provider (ISP) and other third parties, the exact opposite of what a VPN is intended to do. Generally, all


Free VPN services are quite restricted. Bandwidth and speed limits may mean that for streaming or torrenting you can not actually use them. It also usually means that you will experience buffering and lagging. In some cases


Free VPNs are not always compatible with iOS devices. It means locating a free VPN that you can download on your iPhone or iPad will be difficult. Premium VPNs offer dedicated apps to enable you to use one VPN across multiple devices.

The Best Free VPNs for iPhones and iPads (updated 2019)

Most free VPNs come with restrictive data limits. I’ve done extensive research and testing to get you the best 9 free iPhone and iPad VPNs. All of these VPNs can be used with your iOS device 1.


If you’re searching for the best-round VPN service that can provide you with all the benefitsAlthough it’s not a free VPN serviceIt has an incredible global server network over 5NordVPN’s edge comes with its blazing speedsIt actively unblocks popular streaming sites like US NetflixWhile NordVPN works well with any deviceNordVPN is user-friendly yet highly functionalIt. 2.


Windscribe is a Canadian-based VPN with a generous 10 GB data allowance per month and a strong commitment to protecting user privacy.10 GB of data is sufficient to stream over 10 hours in standard definition. If you just want to browse your VPN, you can actually get more data if you run out of the company and they’re going to give you another 5 GB. The free plan offered by Windscribe in 10 countriesThere is aneasy-to-use application to download from the app store to your phone. That makes installation super fast. It can’t bypass the geoblocks of Netflix. However, I have encountered buffering and lagging because the free servers aren’t as fast as premiumIt also enables torrenting. With 10 GB of dataYou can connect Windscribe simultaneously across an infinite number of devices. You can use their ticketing system with Windscribe’s automated chatbotor. See why Windscribe is strong on my free VPN list by reading our review. Get Windscribe for Free! 3.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield offers tight security for unlimited browsing and streaming. The free service provides you with a daily data allowance of 500 MB. If you want to streamIt has a handy app for iOS devicesFor enhanced privacyIf you need to read our review for a closer look at the features and reliability of Hotspot Shield. Get Online Hotspot Shield! 4.


ProtonVPN’s free plan only provides servers in three locationsThere is a dedicated app to install directly to your iPhone or iPadProtonVPNDoesn’t enforce bandwidth limitations or reduce monthly data caps. This means that even with the free versionYoucan’t stream or torrentwith ProtonVPNI foundationspeeds are deliberately throttledduring my testsProtonVPNfocuses on privacyIts headquarters are in privacy-friendly SwitzerlandThere is also built-in ad blockerIf you need to contact customer serviceWith top-of – the-line encryption and a strong commitment to privacyGet ProtonVPN for Free! 5.


hide.me is a highly capable VPN service with aneasy-to-use iOS app. The free version gives you a monthly data worth 2 GB which is more than enough to catch up with one episode of your favorite TV show. It extends to Singapore You will have unlimited server switchesOperating hide.me quite simplyI found the speeds to be quite impressiveA closer look at my speeds showed that they were not deliberately throttledIt will easily bypass the geoblocks of most streaming sites. I was able to access HBO GO and Amazon Prime Video. I could also access Netflix Canada.hide.me offers256-bit AES encryptionIt is worth mentioning that this provider based in Malaysia is in line with its privacy policy. If you need help with setup or just have a question about hide.meRead more about the performance of hide.me in our free review. Get hide.me! 6.


TunnelBear hasservers in 23 free-plan countriesIt provides users a 500 MB data allowance each monthThere’s another 1 GB of free data available while tweeting TunnelBear. During my testsIt can’t unlock NetflixIf you’re searching for a free VPN with strong encryptionTunnelBear offers a unique feature that allows you to list and blacklist those websites. 7.


Speedify provides free monthly 2 GB data. There’s no need to register to use the free VPNY that you can choose from servers in 37 countries. If you want to use your VPN for torrentingSpeedify combines your cellular data and your wi-fi connection to increase your speed. This sends your traffic twice arefast and reliable. When you connect to a server in anot. With iOS devices, the headquarters of Speedify in the USY can only use the free plan on one of the iOS devices. Read more about the features of Speedify in our review. Get Speedify with Free! 8.


Betternet provides a dedicated app for your iPhone or iPadand you’ll get 500 MB of free data per day. It’s enough to search online for about four hours or listen to 100 songs. Betternetallows torrentingSpeeds are nice enough to search some amount of lag. It offers256-bit AES authentication for confidentiality throughout my tests. Betternet’s headquarters are in CanadaIt keeps partial logsYou can only connect one system to the free plan. You can’t access the 24/7 live support serviceLearn more about the quality of Betternet in our comprehensive review. Get Betternet for Free! 9.


PrivateVPN is an apremium provider providing a 7-day free trial. It has dedicated iOS apps that are easy to install and use. It operates150 + servers in 60 + countriesPrivate VPN offers unlimited bandwidth and information. During my testI was able to easily circumvent geo-restrictions and stream NetflixPrivate VPN offers256-bit AES encryptionYou can link Private VPN throughout six of your computer.


Is my iOS VPN going to work with other devices?

Most free VPNs only provide software for desktop and laptop computers. Offering a service for free also ensures that there is no opportunity to invest in building new apps. The free VPNs on my list include apps for iOS and other major platforms. I have included a compatibility guide for each application so that you can check to see if it works on your other phones.

Free VPNs which I suggest do not retain any personally identifiable information. Others keep logs related to your session time and location. This data is used to track the performance of the server

Is there a VPN impact rate?

Most free VPNs restrict your bandwidthPremium VPN offer unlimited bandwidth and lightning-fast servers that guarantee super-fast connections


While free VPNs can offer a lot in terms of serviceMany premium VPNs offer free trials and money-back guaranteesIf you are tempted by a premium VPN Need more support setting up a VPN on your iPhone or iPad? To get you set up, read our guide. Was this helpful? Swap it with you!


ExpressVPN Will Work With Netflix in Watch

Updated on October 31, 2019 Netflix uses advanced VPN blocks to keep out VPN connections. Luckily
Netflix is now available in almost every country and territory on the earth. But not all Netflix accounts are created equal. This may seem unfair to the largest library – after all, the good news is that we’ll show you how easy it is to use ExpressVPN in just a few quick steps to access Netflix US.

Quick Guide: To unblock Netflix

Sign up to ExpressVPN, using ExpressVPN. Download and install the VPN on the computer you have selected. Link to a server in the country you are trying to access (for example, sign in to your Netflix account and start watching!

Why am I not allowed to access Netflix?

In response to the stress from the entertainment networks and studios, every time you open NetflixNetflix launched VPN blocks. Movie studios and broadcasters did not want viewers to broadcast material that was not available in their country. We knew the customers of Netflix used VPNs to bypass their geoblocks The blacklist of the Netflix IP address is constantly being updated. If yesterday

Why do you watch Netflix US use ExpressVPN to access Netflix?

For the smoothest streaming experience, there are many excellent VPNs providing all of the above
ExpressVPN is one of the few VPNs that can circumvent the VPN barriers of Netflix. It’s also the fastest VPN on the market with a list of 3It.

Will ExpressVPN slow down your Internet?

FreeExpressVPN is built for speed because VPN encryption protects your data. We offer unlimited bandwidth and your connection speed will only make a slight difference to the VPN. Even better

Netflix’s Best ExpressVPN Servers

Our experts have checked the servers of ExpressVPN to determine which servers are best for watching Netflix in different regions. To pass the testThese are our top suggestions for the ExpressVPN server: Wherever you are in the worldwideIf you encounter trouble watching Netflix using these servers

Test Servers for Video Quality

ExpressVPN also provides built-in speed tests for its servers. You can use the app to check the speed of each VPN server on your network before connecting to one.
Use the tool to find the speed you like. Netflix’s video quality ratings and their related internet speeds are: If you experience your internet connection slowing down

ExpressVPN’s other advantages are not only for accessing Netflix USA. It will change the way you view security and use the internet forever. Here’s what you can anticipate when you subscribe to ExpressVPN: YesIt doesn’t matter where you are in the worldExpressVPN has a strict ‘ no-logs policy’You get the benefit of military-grade encryptionExpressVPN protects you from potential legal problems as a result of file sharing and downloading. When you connect outside your home country to a server because VPNs hide your identity and browsing activities The 5 Eyes Alliance is a security and monitoring pact between the world’s most powerful governments. It can be a confusing experience to use a VPN for the first time. ExpressVPN has online support agents to answer any questions you may have and solve any problems quickly. If you are not yet persuaded that ExpressVPN is the best VPN for you
Try ExpressVPN Risk-Free!

ExpressVPN for Free

ExpressVPN provides a 30-day money-back guarantee to all new subscribers when they sign up. That means you can use ExpressVPN to get to Netflix USA for freeThis is the ideal way to test ExpressVPN for risk-free or just sign up to watch your first Netflix USA show
Try ExpressVPN risk-free!


ExpressVPN is the best you can do all this and more when you are done watchingExpressVPN. You will enjoy it! Using the risk-free ExpressVPN!

Read more

Would you like to know more about ExpressVPN? In our comprehensive review, we’re going through everything you need to know to save some of your hard-earned cash? In order to find the best VPNs for Netflix, our budget-savvy experts have assembled a list of the best VPN offers currently available. Was it helpful? Share it with you!

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6 Fastest VPNs in 2020 Only those who passed Our Speed Tests

Updated on November 14, 2019 We looked at some of the most common VPNs to find out which of them is the fastest VPN. ExpressVPN is by far the fastest
Every provider of VPN claims to have the highest available speeds. And how do you really know which service is the fastest on the market? I put the top VPNs through extensive testing to find out which providers offer the highest speedsRead on to find out if your VPN

VPN Speed Test Winners

ExpressVPN gets the best speeds and price. ExpressVPN has the fastest speed on the marketNordVPN: NordVPN is a VPN powerhouse with user-friendly apps and a huge server networkHotspot Shield: only slightly slower than ExpressVPN and NordVPNSurfshark: Surfshark is dedicated to service and speedCyberGhost: although last on our list

The Losers

Private Internet Access PureVPN Ivacy

Why is Speed a VPN issue?

Using a VPN improves your online securityBecause of this, our speed tests use three main criteria to determine which service is the fastest:

Factors that affect your VPN Speed

Server location: the longer your data has to travel to serverYour line speed: connection speedMost connections can handle 10Mbps-1GBpsYour line speed can also be slowed down by poor infrastructure

Can a connection speed?

Yes, no, yes. Most ISPs type or limit bandwidthThat’s where the VPN comes in for most users. When you link through a good VPN

How I checked every VPN

I used the same ISP and device for each of my tests. Before testing each VPNI, three different testing services used to measure connection speeds: speedtest.netI also measured my connection speed before connecting to a VPN. This gave me a base velocity to compare the performance of my VPN with.
before connecting to a VPN.

The Results


My speed test champion is ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN! The speed of download was 23.59 Mbps. These are some of the fastest results I’ve seen. However, due to the distance my data had to travel, I expected to see some speed loss, The upload speed is also impressive. Large email attachments and even YouTube videos could be easily uploaded. It has even improved the quality of my video calls on Skype. If you’re planning to watch live video streams or download torrentsExpressVPN can unblock: Torrenting supports: ExpressVPN works on these devices: View Express VPN Deals2. One of the most secure VPNs available is


NordVPN. My data had to fly from Australia to its US server worldwide with over 5My data. In this respect, I suggest NordVPN if you are looking for a fast and reliable streaming VPN. NordVPN will unblock: Torrenting supports: NordVPN works on the following devices: View NordVPN Deals3.

Hotspot Shield

1.284.png />
Sitting at a solid 2 with a download speed of 10.53 Mbps is user-favoriteEven though ExpressVPNHotspot Shield has a global high-speed database network, Hotspot Shield will unblock: Supports torrenting: Hotspot Shield operates on these devicesView Hotspot Shield Deals4.


Surfshark may not be as well known as big-name rivals like ExpressVPNWhile it has a slightly lower download speed than Hotspot ShieldI suggest Surfshark if you’re looking for a budget-friendly browsing and streaming alternative. Supports torrenting: Surfshark works on these devices: View Surfshark Deals5.


Although not the fastest VPN on my list, CyberGhost is also recommended for its feature-rich applications. Great for beginnersCyberGhost will unblock: Supports torrenting: CyberGhost operates on these devices: See CyberGhost Deals

The Losers

UnfortunatelyDuring my tests


Powerful internet security tools

Further Reading

Our budget-savvy experts have compiled a list of the best VPN deals and vouchers to save you money on your service. Learn how to test your VPN security. Hungry for entertainment? Discover how Hulu can be unblocked from . Post it!

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